Did you take general biology or human biology?


I am trying to decide on which class I should take. I am taking bio so I can pass the HESI. The problem is there is not as many human biology classes as there are general bio classes :(. Of course all the human bio classes are conflicting with my schedule!! Do you guys think general bio will be good enough to pass the hesi?


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One or the other should be a pre-req requirement for your program anyways. So check with the program you are applying to and take the one that's actually required for your program.


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What is human biology?


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I've taken both. Human Bio was more focused on just the body whereas general bio is focused on general biological concepts and will help in anatomy and physiology. I'd suggest general bio.


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I can take either general bio or human bio as a pre req.


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I took human bio, but it was a waste of time b/c it's basically A&P 1 and 2 and simple patho.