Did your school offer NCLEX-PN/VN prep? Or did you study on your own?


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Just curious if any of your schools offered this? It is super pricey .. anywhere from $800-1400 and Im wondering if I really need this or not. This is for my LVN. what are all of your thoughts on this? I dont want to end up wasting all of that money.. though I know its towards my education and no money is ever wasted for learning but really.. I know Im super self disciplined when it comes to studying so I know I coudl also do it on my own ... though I want to pass the first time ... so any thoughts???

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i know this is an old post but a good question anyway:


My lpn schoold DID NOT offer a Nclex review. I used only the Saunders book and CD and i passed on the first try...i studied the sunders book (mostly did the CD though) for about 3 mo before taking the Nclex-PN...it was my last two months of school and then a month after graduating.

The school i'm getting ready to attend already included the NCLEX-RN review in their tuition so i will get it this time. though i'm still going to hit the saunders book/cd hard again, becasue i really feel that's what helped me the MOST!

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I think it depends on the student. I didn't feel that I needed a review so I also did Saunders on my own and was fine. Now if I had failed I definitely would have forked out the money for a review course. Good luck.

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