Did the online free Kaplan Practice test


I got a 74%. Does anyone know if this is considered a good probability for passing Nclex? I was having a hard time finding info on the meaning of the score for the free test Kaplan offers (it's only 50 questions).

TIA for any insight you can provide!


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Has 5 years experience.

Where can I take the free practice test?


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go to the kaplan nursing site. look up free events and whenever they have an upcoming practice test, they are there. it was worth it to take to have some more questions to practice.

and they said after i posted that they want people at a 65%.


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Yea that's an excellent score that you got. You should feel very good about that. Keep going strong, it will pay off in the end.

Wishing you success!!


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Thanks scrubs kicks! I finish in early December and would love to take the nclex in December but I hear it can take a while to get att. Honestly I am more stressed about the job situation than nclex. Thanks for the kind words :)


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they also have a free iphone app with 180 questions.


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I just found it and then saw this! Thanks!!


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That is considered good! I got a 54% on my practice test and after studying my butt off, I ended up taking the NCLEX in 75 questions :-)