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Did my NCLEX yesterday

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I wanted to contribute to this forum since I learned so much from it. I graduated May this year, I registered for my NCLEX, gave my self a full month to study. Mind you this was scary but I put about 6+ hours into studying during my prime days. I started with mark Klimek’s audios and I used UWorld for doing questions. I took my first assessment a week and and a half after studying, my results said chance of passing was borderline on 37th percentile(57% questions correct)😭
I reviewed my test and continued doing more questions. I did about 100 everyday and read all the rationales whether I got it wrong or not. I took notes and on the meds and diseases that I noticed were repetitive.

The NCLEX: I felt like the test was so vague, my questions were all over the place. Most of the topics made sense but the Choices were the killer. I had about 10ish SATA, 5ish OB, and 5 meds and the rest were delegation, prioritization, peds, diseases and some other random weird stuff then my screen went blank on 60😭I left that room feeling like a joke 😭 Fast forward all the panics and breakdowns. I did the PVT a few hours after the test and got the good pop up. This lifted so much off my chest because I was so sure I bombed that test. I’m still threading with caution because I know there’s a chance it could be wrong 😭😔

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3 hours ago, Arimas said:

Hey! I took my NCLEX yesterday as well; test shut off at 60 questions and received the good up as well. I am proceeding with caution too!!. I just hope that tomorrow we will both be celebrating!!