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My interview lasted 2 hours. I first interviewed with HR, and it went great. I gave my certifications and RN license to HR. I was handed a benefits package and told what my pay would roughly be. HR told me that orientation began the 5th of every month. I was even introduced to the team at the department, such as the RN staff. I spoke with the assistant manager and consultant as well, who sincerely looked like they loved me. I was complimented on my professional outfit and for being well spoken. Lastly, I asked the assistant manager when I would start and she said that HR needs to give official notice and to call with any concern.

I interviewed last week and still have not received a call or email with official notice. My assumption is that paper work takes time, but I am uncertain. Tomorrow I am going to call the assistant manager to follow up, but of course I am nervous. I do not want to sound inpatient. I have never worked at an HR department, but I believe one week should be enough time to reassure me that I have the position.

Take note: This will be my second job as an RN. At my first job as an RN, I was called by HR as I was walking to my car just as I finished the interview. Waiting is new to me.

From what I have heard and seen, waiting (sometimes for weeks at a time) is the norm. But that's really weird that they gave you the benefits package before official notice. I have NEVER heard of that happening before...that would make anyone think they got the job for sure. I would assume you got the job...otherwise, that would be a really unprofessional thing to do to someone.

Unless they are still processing your background check and references.

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I'm waiting after my interview too. I hate waiting. I received the benefit package prior to my interview (after a phone screening) including pay rate for new grad RNs with no experience, how pto is accrued, paying for BSN completion program and retirement plans.


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I have waiting for months is the norm, if I hear back at all..... .... ..


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Every job I have ever applied for gives information about benefits. I do not think anything you stated implies you are hired unfortunately. You just have to wait and see. It does sound as if it went well. Let us know!

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Sometimes the process does take a few weeks, but there is no harm at all in calling the nurse manager to "check on the status of your application" if it has been a week already. I have done this and it seemed to help move things along.

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