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Did I do this dosage problem right?


It seems too simple, so I'm curious if that's correct.


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we need to see the entire question to make a judgement

No, your answer is wrong.

You need to read the label and first see how many mg is in each ml. Can you see where you went wrong?

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Good day:

Ordered: 750 mg of Augmentin

Available: 250 mg in 5 mL

Question: How many mL will you administer

Problem setup using dimensional analysis; see

(don't worry about the up front burger math; he gets into dosage calculations soon enough)

Cross check, the available label states for every 5 mL you are going to have 250 mg. 750 mg / 250 mg = 3 x 5 mL = 15 mL.

If you do the ordered / have * volume method you get

750 mg

------- * 5 mL = 15 mL

250 mg

Thank you.

loveofrn, BSN, RN

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Since there is 250 mg in 5 ml for amoxicillin and 62.5mg in 150 ml..there is 2 equation

So for amoxicillin. .750 mg×( 5ml/250 mg)

For potassium...750 mg×(150ml/62.5mg)

Add both answers together that is the total ml you would administer..

However since the re is direction for mixing which I couldnt see in full for reconstitution. .there might be easier way to solve it than doing two equation

loveofrn, BSN, RN

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thanks guys, that helped.

You're welcome

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The BIG factor you over looked is imperative to the question and that is how many mgs are per mL

GBW, I'm seriously concerned about your ability to pass this class. Have you considered tutoring in basic algebra? You really need to learn how to think about these questions if you expect to stay in school long enough to be any kind of nurse. These are basic, basic problems, not remotely complicated.

In this case, if there are 250mg in 5cc, if I read the label correctly, how can 750mg be less than 5cc?