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Did ATI prepare you for NCLEX?


Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is staying staff during this pandemic! I am graduating in 39 days (YAY) our classes have all online and we finished our clinicals. Therefore, I have time to study for my NCLEX, which I am hoping to take the first week of June if everything goes according to plan. Our university has utilized EVERY part of ATI imaginable from ATI exams, to ATI Live Review, and the comprehensive predictor along with the green light program. Our instructors told us that ATI alone should prepare us to pass the NCLEX and that we shouldn't have to purchase another program. However, I have heard people say "ATI sucks, it's nothing like the NCLEX, buy UWorld instead."

I have noticed that every one that insists I don't just use ATI did not do too well with it in school or did not like the rationales that ATI gave. I have been told UWorld has more "in-depth rationales". UWorld however is another 200$-300$.

So, my question is did anyone who liked ATI use ONLY ATI to study for NCLEX and pass?

If it helps I understand ATI very well and I like the program. I would rather not purchase another program unless I have to. I have made mostly level 3s with a few level 2s on ATI proctored exams, and have an overall 99% chance of passing NCLEX according to my pulse. I got an 86 on my first comprehensive predictor (99% chance of passing NCLEX), and a 84 my second go around (98% chance of passing NCLEX).

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When I took my PN exam we only used ATI. I passed with the minimum amount of questions and I loved ATI. Now my RN program is using Hurst and Iā€™m a little bitter about it because I feel like ATI is the best šŸ˜‚