Did anyone use Mosby CAT to prepare for NCLEX?

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Hi! I just graduated from nursing school and I am studying for NCLEX. I have purchased the Mosby CAT program, and I am taking at least one test a day. I am finding many of the questions hard, much more difficult than Saunder's, Mosby, type NCLEX review book and CD's. So, I am wondering, is this program a more accurate representation of what to expect from boards?

BTW, The test has cut off everytime after 75-96 questions, saying I have a 99% chance of passing boards, and the average difficulty level keeps rising.

Thanks for your input!

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Our whole class took it. One person got a thing that said that they only had a 75% of passing the nclex. they didn't pass. those of us that i know got the 95% chance of passing or above all passed.


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Sure did...passed the first time too.

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