Did anyone retake a class before?


I may have to retake chemistry. I have a C but I'm afraid I won't do amazing on my final tomorrow and I'll be stuck with a C. Therefore I'll have to retake it but I'm dreading it. Chemistry is not my subject at all. I struggle heavily with the math. I'm good at the concepts though. Next semester I'm taking A&P 1. My biology professor is horrible but I have a B. He lectured mainly about plants. I'm not sure how that will prepare me for anatomy. Is anatomy super hard? I love learning about the human body. I think it's fun to memorize the bones and muscles and whatever else comes with it. I'm not great at learning the nervous system and its functions though. Will I be completely lost next semester because my bio professor failed at teaching the class what could of helped us for pre-nursing students?


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I took my a & p final today. It is my second time taking it because I didn't do well my first time (over the summer). It isn't a big deal (depending on your program) but try to get really good grades in everything else. Also, my intro bio teacher did not help me at all, but I still did great when I took micro & nutrition which I took the semester after intro bio. For a & p it is a lot of info so you must take the time to study it. Unfortunately I did not do that over the summer which is why I needed to retake it. Good luck on your final!



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If you start reviewing the skeletal, muscular, and nervous system and take at least one hour each day to study then you should be fine. I retook A&P 1 this semester because I made an f a few years ago and passed with a B+. It's not an A but I'm proud of it.

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I got a D the first time I took A&P because I had a lot of stressful things going on and retook it a year later and got an A and the D came out of my GPA but still on my transcript


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A "C" in Chem should be no problem at all, but I guess that really depends on your college.

This class was a prereq for Human Anatomy at my college.