Did anyone else apple to denver college of nursing for January 2021 cohort

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Did anyone else applied to Denver college of nursing January start


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I’m thinking about applying but the reviews scare me off

21 hours ago, Ineedasnickers said:

I’m thinking about applying but the reviews scare me off

I feel the same... I want to apply for January start as well...

I did! I am waiting anxiously.

Applied and waiting anxiously as well!

Applied and waiting as well!

I did as well, and extremely anxious to hear back. What are your work experiences?

I wonder if there’s going to be a difference in the amount of people they accept because of covid ?

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I am a Medical Assistant/ Behavioral health counselor for about 9 years now. I was wondering about the same thing with covid. Or if they are going to have alot of applicants because of covid. I was already accepted to the program but I got dismissed (Patho really killed me) but I have a few Friends that are doing online and are having to do sim lab online for the ADN program and she is not liking it. The ADN program is not doing in-person clinicals. But for the BSN program they are letting some of them do in person clinicals and sim labs. So I wonder if people who do not like online are just waiting for covid to die down.

I went to school at Pima for an ophthalmic technician. I’ve been in the ophthalmology field for 5 years now. I work patients up and assist in surgery. I have a friend I use to work with that’s in the BSN program now. Right now she is in clinicals but says everything is different. I’m anxious to see how everything will work out because of Covid. I wonder if they will reduce the number of students they take. I have 2 classes I have to take, but will be done before January 2021 start date. I was told that it wouldn’t impact the decision if I get in or not. I just wish I knew already!

Do any of you have to take the HESI?

I took the HESI. It is really easy just practice the book and vocabulary. And household measurements. I had alot of household measurements on my math portion. I thought it was really easy.

What book did you use?