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  1. So I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on working in a urology clinic as an RN. Like is it super hard to get through the day? Are there days when the schedule is not super busy? Are you ever required to stay later than your shift. Approximately how many patients can you see in one day?Do you have many very unstable patients come to the clinic with a bladder is and get directly admitted for another health problem?
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  3. by   Raven1994
    I know this is a bit late, and I am not an RN at the moment, but I can answer your questions. I am an aspiring nurse who just finished my first undergrad and plan to go to an accelerated nursing program. But I have worked on research for about 8 months in a children's urology clinic. I worked with nurses and worked with the patients so I am able to answer all of your questions.

    1) Depending on the day. Some days are very slow (only half days sometimes!), whereas other days are quite busy. However, we kept the clinic very organized so it was never "hectic".

    2) Yes.

    3) Not usually. Sometimes... but clinic usually ended early (if anything)

    4) Depends on the day. On non-busy days we usually got about 20 patients. On busy days we got up to 40 patients.

    5) No. Most patients have fairly common problems. Although, these were children so many of the conditions were common to children. However, some patients did spend the day at the hospital having tests done. The great majority of patients were out-patient. If there was an in-patient, the doctors or/and nurses would usually go up to the kid's room.
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    I can't tell from how your post is worded if you are asking about a urology floor in a hospital or a urology clinic - MD office..there would not be any admissions in an MD office. I worked in a urology clinic for a multi-MD practice...the day was usually M- Thur 8-5, Fri 8-2, no weekends, no holidays, no call. The amount of patients depending on what tests were being done or procedures so it varied. The medical assistants did all the taking patients back etc. The days were not stressful though at times, like with any job, some people were not as nice/easy to please as others but I kept it professional. I found the job interesting but also repetitive and at times boring. The pay was slightly below what I was making working in a hospital but the setting was nicer, less stressful, better hours and usually free lunch.
  5. by   kirk.attard
    This could vary a lot. I work in a Urology outreach/outpatients clinic in a major government hospital. The days are quite varied, though we try to balance bookings so that we can allocate time to each patient fairly. On consultant outpatients days we can a higher influx of visits of urgent cases though, so you have to cater for those as well. Apart from that we cover the hospital and and a connected Oncology hospital with problematic catheterisations as well.

    The patients are usually mobile and there is minimal lifting that you need to do but we do get the oddly incorrectly filled referral and send for patients that have diificulty mobilising to the clinic. We try to see patients with mobility problems in the community and mobile patients in hospital.

    We tend to see around 10-12 patients per day at the clinic and 6-8 patients per day in the community. Community visits are scheduled around 2-3 times weekly not every day. The hospital caters for a population of around half a million so this may vary in your case.

    Hope this was helpful