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  1. Hi all,
    I am new to dialysis and have been training for about a month. I work in a very, very stressful clinic that has a very demanding DON. He scares me to death when he walks in the room each morning. Anyway, I am training on three different machines at once and am having trouble remembering the procedures for each as far as priming and connecting the patient up. Does anybody have anyway that is a cadence or anything I can remember as far as the Gambros in priming and setting up the machine and then connecting the patient to it?? I can string it fine up to the prime procedure. Then know to spike the bag, put the one line in the WHO, open clamps, and hit prime and prime w/o WH, but then I get lost about how to connect the tubing up from there and the buttons to push when connecting the patient up. I have to know this job, I have to keep this job, and I love the patients and don't want the DON to intimidate me anymore. If I can just get down the Gambro machines then think the other 2 will come with time. Please help.. I am desperate to learn this.... Also the sequence with catheters as far as draw back 5 cc, then where to draw labs and how to go from there??? There must be a cadence or something that will help me remember. Thank you so much and forgive the long post.

    Squirl :uhoh21:
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  3. by   augigi
    You can access product education materials on the Gambro website at (think you need to get a serial number off one of the machines at work to access it).

    Hope someone experienced in this area can help!
  4. by   tizmonster
    Hope someone has told you that it takes a med/surg foundation nurse about 3-5 years to understand the dynamics of managing this disease. The thing that is to be admired is you care about getting the process down. It is stressful...but you'll get it eventually. Hang in.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    I work in a dialysis unit but fortunately didn't need to learn the machines! It has been very stressful for new employees though. Like other poster stated - hang in there - any new job has a learning curve.
  6. by   Squirlatheart
    Thank you all for responding. I gotta tell ya that this is probably the most difficult job I have ever had. Between learning 3 different machines, the different steps in each one of them, putting people on and taking them off in "rush hour," not to mention the machine failures, and then the daggone thing that happens when a bunch of women work together in a close setting... wow... I have a good couple of days and then one that makes me wonder if I will ever get it. But the patients... they make me want to do it because they are what it is all about. Your encouragement is very much appreciated. Bless you all...

  7. by   tizmonster
    I have a question for you...what is the logic for different machines?
    Just curious! It's hard enough learning one machine. Most clinics I know of have one type, and maybe a different unit for PD.
  8. by   tizmonster
    Also, I'm going to private message you...
  9. by   KidneyCleaner
    we use only 1 type of machine in our clinic & yes it will take a couple years before dialysis 'hits' you. one day it'll be 2nd nature to you. hang in there. dialysis is a very rewarding area of nursing

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