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  1. I have a situation I need to explain and I hope I can get some much needed advice!!! I graduated nursing school in May 2008. I got my license in March 2009, I had two unsuccessful attempts at the NCLEX, but that doesn't matter now, I am now a registered nurse!! I have had a home care case taking care of a brain injured patient for a year and a half. He has a trach and G/J tube, so it's not a very complicated case. I understand and consider myself a "new " nurse. I had a job interview at Fresenius two weeks ago and the manager hired me on the spot. It took them a while to get back to me with some shadowing opportunities on the acute care unit at our local hospital. I shadowed today and by the time I got home I have a job offer with the pay rate included. I am in upstate New York and the hospitals here start new RN's anywhere from $21.50 - $23.00 per hour. This company wants to start me at $20.38 hr. I an undecided on this rate, I feel they should be a little bit more competitive with the hospitals. Any advice? Should I hold out and see what else comes along? Anything good or bad anyone can ad regarding this company? I thought I saw a post on here that said Fresenius starts you out at $4.00 more than the hospitals do? That's not the case here. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!:spin:
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    Do you want to do dialysis? Have you tried to get on at the hospital? It is hard now for lots of people to get a job but that doesn't mean you should just take it either.... I just turned down an opportunity with DaVita yesterday making 14,000 more than I currently make at the hospital. I just graduated in December and I decided that I wanted a year of experience under my belt since I was not sold on doing dialysis... I hear it's a love or hate specialty and I didn't want to give up my current job for something I wasn't "planning" on getting into. My longer range goal was actually a bit of a different direction so I wasn't going to chase down the dollar and take this job. BUT if dialysis is what you are sure you want to do and a company is offering you training and an opportunity, I would take it.
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    What are salary ranges for a new RN versus experienced RN on the East Coast and West Coast. RenalRuth
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    DaVita on the Gulfcoast of Mississippi offered me 25/hr as a nurse with 4 months experience
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    Hello! I live in Gulfport.

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    DaVita on the Gulfcoast of Mississippi offered me 25/hr as a nurse with 4 months experience
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    My concern is that you dont have experience and perhaps the hospital only hires nurses with experience. That is the problem that many of the nurses I know are running into. Fresenius in my area, who I also work for, is basically the only company that offers paid training. Many nurses start here, then go off to the places that only hire with experience. Not always fun for those that stick around and make significantly less to train these nurses.
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    When you evaluate the company you plan on working for please also include the other benefits besides base salary. Cost of health insurance, tuition assistance and the company's retirement plan are critical issues to address with your future employer. Yes, I did work for Fresenius as a per diem nurse in southern Virginia and North Carolina. My starting salary at the dialysis unit I worked at part-time in Suffolk, Virginia was $16.50/hr in 1996. Working in a hemodialysis or acute care hemodialysis unit will truly challenge your nursing skills. The demand for dialysis nurses is high, but the burnout or turnover rate is also high in this field. It can be a very physically and mentally demanding job when you are taking care of renal patients with very extensive comorbities. Please look at all aspects of this job and the company before comparing the hourly rate. I wish you the best.