1. Does anyone know Fresenius procedure for hiring Dialysis Tech's? I read you don't need any experience that they'll train you for 6 weeks. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   GAA30
    Hey Sirena,
    I worked as a Tech for three years with Fresenius. I had no medical exp and was referred by a friend. Just apply. They do train. You will have a career for life. This is a serious job. My D.O.N. referred to us as nurses without liscenses. We worked closely with registered nurses. Please take nothing for granted. Patient's lives are on the other end of what you do. It will take you about six months to a year to learn everything to a level of comfort but don't get comfortable. I did the preceptoring for the clinic. Pay attention in theory and don't sleep in the clinicals. I do not mean to sound preachy ,I take every aspect of Nursing seriously. I start Nursing school in October.
  4. by   Sirena922
    Thank you, and congradulations!! I have an interview tommorrow, and I'm excited. I hope everything goes well, my only concern is the background check, I had a previous conviction a few years ago, will that stop my hiring process?
  5. by   GAA30
    It depends on the conviction. I would be honest if asked and not volounteer if they do not ask. You will enjoy it. It is a bunch of work. Namely, the fact that you have four patients to put on. Not initially but eventually. Read about dialysis so that you can be some what aware. I do not know your long term goals but, make sure it has every reason to do with why you are seated there. For instance you would like to become a nurse.(HINT) Fresenius does offer tuition reinbursement and they will pay for nursing school. God bless and I pray everything goes well.
  6. by   Sirena922
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Nursing is my long time goal thats why I wanted the experience with patient care. I just put it in Gods hands, everything will work out. I'll keep you posted. Thanks Again!
  7. by   iriskkerry
    Sirena Fresinius also offers 80% tuition reimbursement!:mortarboard:
  8. by   msvanilla
    hi sirena922 did everything work mout? bc i have the same problem