Do techs do assessments on your unit?

  1. DIALYSIS nurses:

    Do techs do assessments at your unit?

    They do in mine, and I strongly disagree with the practice.

    Every day, I find the "lungs clear" box checked on the pts who are on 02, have COPD and are very dyspnic.

    I find the "heart rate regular" box checked on pts whom I've never heard to be regular.

    "No signs of fluid overload" is checked on SOB pts w/ weeping 4+ pedal edema.
    I often cross out the techs' assessments and write in my own, accurate assessment.

    I know for a fact that some of our techs never take their stethoscopes off of their necks.

    When I expressed my concerns to mgmt, and showed them some tx sheets, I was blown-off.

    I don't think techs should be allowed to do assessments.

    I was visiting a friend who works for another dialysis company in AZ last week. At her unit, the techs even access the caths and change cath dressings.

    What do you think about this?[I][B][U]
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    In a dialysis unit, a tech can be a CNA, or someone just off the street with no medical training at all, just 6 weeks on-the-job-training at a dialysis unit.
    A tech I work with now used to work at Walmart before getting a job as a tech.
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    I work in a hospital..RN's do the initial assessments
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    (Just a note- I posted this in the dialysis nursing forum. This question is for dialysis nurses. Thanks)
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    Originally posted by Hellllllo Nurse
    (Just a note- I posted this in the dialysis nursing forum. This question is for dialysis nurses. Thanks)
    Sorry? I didn't realize you wanted opinions from only dialysis nurses. I usually click the "get all new posts" button and pay little attention to what forum they are posted in. I will delete my other post since it obviously offended you in some way.
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    Hellllllllo !!!
    First, welcome back ! I see you got crispy fried, huh? My turn now!
    Going to Tucson NEXT weekend for a week of FUN IN THE SUN !

    Now, to your question:

    No, techs at our unit do not do assessments. The assessments done even by our VERY knowledgable LPNs still have to be signed after by an RN. But that is one of the few things the techs here don't do. They DO cath care.. dressing changes, and initiate tx. through them, etc.

    It sounds like you have unmotivated techs at your unit.. actually, from what you have mentioned in the past, it sounds like the whole unit could stand some housecleaning. From the top down.

    I klnow you're upset with the way things are there and the lack of initiative and support... and are disgruntled, to say the least.

    However, in all fairness to techs, we have had OUTSTANDING techs in our unit, and ALL of which have had more than just a little medical background. Their background was quite extensive, in fact. We have been blessed, and we are grateful for it. Much has to do with the Unit Mgr. and his/her considerations in the hiring process. Our DON is very considerate of these factors and she has made wise choices.

    I, too, was a tech for 5 years at our unit and it was our DON who motivated and encouraged me to go on to get my RN. I owe my current postion to her... and soooooooo much more !

    Our techs (and there's only one now) know to come to us if they have any questions or doubts about a patient or procedure, if a cath site looks infected... or whatEVER ! And they have always been responsible to do so. We as nurses also know to supervise properly... it's all give and take.
    But again, we have been fortunate in having the staff we do.. it is 100% teamwork and cooperation.. each party encourages and looks out for the other, and we ALL look out for our patients !

    I hate that all units are not like this.. I do so wish they were !
  9. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I am soooo envious of your work environment!

    I am starting to look around at jobs again. I like dialysis nursing, but not in my current environment.
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    I realize you intended this for the Dialysis Nursing Forum, but since it seems to be an issue in other areas of nursing...

    If techs are supposed to be capable of assessments (no flames please, I was a tech while in nursing school), then what the heck did I go to nursing school for. Where will the line be drawn? What next, they'll replace LPNs/RNs w/ less costly techs. Kind of scary to me...
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    Originally posted by jadednurse
    Where will the line be drawn? What next, they'll replace LPNs/RNs w/ less costly techs.
    This is already going on. An RN friend recently worked agency at a LTC facility where they've had NO NURSE WHATSOEVER on at nights. Only certified med aides. Yes, this is illegal. The State finally told them they had to call agency since no nurses would apply at the low wage they were offering. That's why agency sent my friend there.

    Nurses being replaced with "UAPs" -Unlicensed Assistive Personnel- is a big topic in nursing journals and literature.
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    techs never do assessment here..wouldn't even think of it
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    I live in Louisiana and only RN's can do assessments.
  14. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I wish my facility would not allow the techs to assess our pts. The
    "assessments" they do are almost always totally inaccurate, and leave a lot of "clean up" work for me, as I am constantly going behind them, doing a REAL assessments, and changing the goals on pts.

    This is a big hassle for me, and DANGEROUS for the pts.