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  1. Hi;
    I wanted ask a question please.
    I started to work in dialysis unit in my country.I thought it will be interesting and I was very excited with new work .I am a male R.N with dialysis course.
    I warked 11 years in trauma unit.
    I left there; the staff there loved me very much; most of them cried and we had a great connection. and it was very hard to me to leave.
    And this week I started a new work. I can say I am suffering !! not less than that. I am waiting whole shift when it will be over.
    first of all I am a lone male RN there;and I noticed it bothers me. The other nurses in this unit check me as I am the new one and I can understand that.But they are not interested with the new guy; not so kind to me and I feel very strange there. as I am not belongin to there.(which is partially truth
    I am nice person ( as others say); but a little bit a complicated one. I have issues with getting use to new places and acceptance; if the staff not accept me I blame myself ; feel rejected anf all I want is flee from there. my good traits are not expressed and people think maybe I am arrogant or just not fit in.
    I am very depressed as I left my workplace and I moved to dialysis unit. also don't like the thing that I am always around the staff; no privacy at all ( there I had my recharging time); and don't have free space for working and etc; always around staff and people ;it is draining me emotionally and I am tired although I did not work hard there.These things were available to me in my ex unit .I am defintely introverted person.
    horrible feeling.
    can somene advice me what to do?
    I am ashamed to fly from there there now; afraid what the administration will think about a worker who can't even one week struggle and stay in his work place; otherwise I am ready to go away from there in this moment !!
    thank you; my dear dialysis friends;I love very much this field; very interesting and beautifull speciality;but I don't know if I can work there.
    sorry for the language mistakes .its not my native language.
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  3. by   BlinkyPinky
    I can relate to your feelings of wanting to flee because I have felt that in various jobs. How did it work out for you - did you leave? Sorry you went through that.
  4. by   Aronia
    Thank you for your comment. you will not believe maybe :
    I am there. I did not leave .The truth; after 2 months I was very anxious and depressed things got better. I feel free there; love the patients; although I am not making deep connections with them. the girls I work with them know me better now and we got vey good relationships. Thanks god. today ; I can say; I feel that the man who wrote this post up there was not me. I noticed the problem was mainly with me ; vast part of it; and I started work on it.On myself; and less trying change the others.
    I didn't run away and was patient with me and the staff. Also; I was and I am now trying to be polite; kind ; and pleasant to my staff here and I think ; I am almost sure they love me. They say this to me .All I got to do be patient; and get close to people. As much as I can. You cant be the part of civilization If you don't try to socialize with ppl .
    I am spiritual man So I can say god helped me and gave me the power to handle with these things.
    Thank you
  5. by   Hoosier_RN
    glad you're doing better!