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I have about 2.5 years experience in Dialysis(28.00-30.00 range in jobs). I am interviewing for a manager position in NC and was wondering if anyone knows about how much they pay/bonuses/etc?... Read More

  1. by   cimplyc60
    Typically, you can't help the patients because you are having to put out fires caused by the AM and the RN's with the restricted licenses. It amazes me how you are hired and trusted to manage a multi-million dollar center, then a couple nurses with restricted licenses start to report lies to your boss who is supposed to have your back, suddenly, you are the enemy. FMC is the worst company I ever worked for. I hope they end up paying fines for short-staffing resulting in patient harm. They constantly tellyou the CM it is due to CMS cut backs and this directly affects staffing. It is no longer about the patient or you advocating for them. It's you against the company. They won't have your best interest at heart.
  2. by   traveler RN
    Yes it is that bad! Worked there as a traveler and "Night of the Living Dead" felt like a comedy compared to the 2 outpt. and the acute unit. Even left a post a few months ago warning about not going to N.B. No amt. of money could ever make me go back!
  3. by   anurseadvocate
    To the person who stated they have never seen a good FMC unit, can you describe what your thinking is of a 'good' unit...
  4. by   cimplyc60
    First of all, you have to have a credible RVP, AM. The buck stops with them. FMC in general probably is not a bad company to work for but you have to be staffed appropriately. Second, the AM should support you 100% without a doubt. Third, if there are bad employees in the center, GET RID OF THEM-THEY ONLY KEEP STAFF MORALE DOWN. Fourth, don't hire nurses with restricted licenses. This is a choice that they made...,to ruin their livelihood, keep them moving down the road. For heaven sake, don't hire the spouse of a Judge, they literally get away with MURDER! As the AM, YOU HAVE TO BE FAIR, NOT STAB YOUR CM'S in the back, make secret deals with bad employees, tell everyone's business, except your own. This is for starters.
  5. by   curiousonfmc
    Hello, I am interviewing last stages for a director of operations position in NJ and wanted to know the details of this position from the insiders club also what is the pay they offer? how are they doing on bonuses? and how many days off does DOO has? Thanks!