CDC disinfection guidelines for hemodialysis machines?

  1. Hello, I need some help...
    im trying to find the cdc guidelines/recommendations for internal machine disinfection on hiv patients. Some hospitals bleach the machine and some just heat. I'm developing new policies for a hospital acute team and need the literature to back me up. I can't find this specific information on the cdc website, but maybe someone may know where to find this information. Thanks you
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  3. by   adventure_rn
    Hi there. I'm not a dialysis nurse in any way, shape or form, but...could you check with the produce manufacturer of the machine? It seems like they'd know better than anybody else. Medical equipment has to go through such rigorous FDA testing that I'm guessing they have an extensive user manual, or could at least make some recommendations. Best of luck!
  4. by   Angelrn2008
    Thank you, I looked at fresenius recommendation (manufacturer) and they say follow cdc guidelines. I look at cdc guidelines and they say follow manufacturer recommendations.
  5. by   Twinmom06
    I've dialyzed HIV patients before and just heated the machine. Bleaching only ever comes up if the pt has unknown/positive Hep B antigen. Of course, bleaching is NEVER the wrong answer when in doubt LOL
  6. by   StarBrownRN
    Many times you won't even know the patient's HIV status. Like TwinMom said the biggest concern is HepB. It's more virulent than HIV. As for internal disinfection, biomed usually handles that. You may want to consult with them.