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Dialysis clinic vs allergy clinic as new grad?


I've recently been offered two jobs -- chronic dialysis or allergy clinic. I've been applying to hospitals and have not heard back, and I feel like there is experience to be gained in any nursing job. I'm not sure which one to go with --


super close to where I live

Seems challenging (and overwhelming and intimidating...) -- the amount of patients honestly scares me but I hear it becomes routine after a while

Seems more hands on than the allergy position

Might have to deal with asymptomatic covid patients (with appropriate PPE, of course!)

Pay isn't bad to start out (more than 30 an hour)


Allergy clinic:

further away (almost 50 mins on a good day)

Lots of support (the nurses and doctors are open to showing me the ropes...the manager seems super sweet and approachable as well!)

Chill environment

Hands on (from how it was described to me at least)

Not sure about pay yet

Not to happy about leaving my home 5 days a week LOL and driving for such a long time

Lots of opportunity for a change in specialty with this organization (Internal medicine, plastic surgery, cardiology, etc....)


Which position will help me grow the most as a new grad? Will either option limit my opportunities in other areas in the long run?

Hoosier_RN, MSN

Specializes in dialysis. Has 28 years experience.

I'm a dialysis clinic manager, so you know how I'll steer you. It's a good way to learn about heart and respiratory issue, and hone assessment skills. Some nurses go on to ICU. It's a good place to start. I don't know about allergy clinic, so I can't answer to that one. Good luck with your decision