diabetic scolded at restaurant for eating her own snack while waiting for lunch

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:( Hello everyone,

yesterday my mother, daughter and myself went out to lunch. While I was up ordering our food, my mother felt weak and pulled out her emergency snack food. (cheese piece of bread) I was scolded at the till as was my mother who was sitting close to the till with my 2 yr old. This woman had made it clear not to bring in one's own food. I explained that my mother is diabetic and that the 3 lunches on my tray were not all for me. This woman than said that it was a health hazzard and that the health inspector was just in. I made her repeat that 3 times. I would have left the food on the counter but my mother's glucose levels were more important than making a show at the time. I have since e-mailed the Canadian Diabetes Society as well as the restaurant chain in this city. This morning I spoke with a health inspector about this situation. He was not impressed as the inspector for that particular restaurant is on holidays. Taking food in to restaurants is not a hazzard. I also explained how all three of my party had food or napkins stuck to our feet as we left. This place will be investigated when the inspector does return from holiday. How can this woman be so ignorant about a very well know disease as diabetes? Has this happened to anyone else.

Thank you for allowing me to vent.

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That is so idiotic. This person obviously wanted to be a A$$hole! You did the right thing by following up with the diabetic society and the health inspector. Ignorant, rude people, just would love to slap them sometimes!


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I certainly would not return!

How about a letter to the editor of your local paper?



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Make sure to mention the restaurant by name in the letter to the editor!:)

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Rude, totally rude.

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