Diabetes Care

  1. Have any members worked in Diabetes care? What's it like? Are there many openings for change? Are there certifications needed?
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    I am making the assumption that, yes, many opportunities should exist for nurse diabetes educators. My assumption is based on the rising incidence of diabetes (in the U.S.) and the fact that people with diabetes are being kept alive much longer.
  5. by   rogramjet
    I am a Diabetes Nurse Educator working on my certification (CDE), it takes two years to get certified. It is estimated that there will be a 70% increase in the number of diabetics in the next 25 years, so yes there will be plenty of opportunities. Being a diabetic myself I have a special interest in diabetes management. I love my job. It is so nice to sit and talk to my patients for an hour and really get to know them. We help them, we educate them, we cheer them on, and you get pretty attached to some of them. It's not for everyone. It isn't fast paced or exciting like ER, but when a pt calls you because they just got their labs back from their doc and they are in great control, you know you have helped someone change there life. There isn't a feeling like that.
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    RogramJet...thanks. It seems you're very "dedicated" to this area of nursing and it makes sense that there should be lots of opportunities. But, I wonder, how many diabetes nurses are already out there?
  7. by   frankly
    Will there be enough new opportunities?
  8. by   rogramjet
    There is a predicted 70% rise in diabetes in Amereica alone. As it is now my pts have to wait 2-3 weeks to see me, and it is getting worse. In the next year or two we are going to have to add another nurse (I'm the only nurse right now in our small program.) There will be plenty of opportunities, take it from someone on the front lines...
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