My group home experience, at least it inspired me to create.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm an RN since 2007, and I worked six months or so on a med surg unit, then transferred to psych where I worked 13 months. I enjoyed working with the population, there was an issue with staff that made it tough. So I left to go work for an organization that operates some group homes in my area. Almost 30 or more, I think. In any case, during the interview, they liked that I had psych experience. They felt that my IT experience would be helpful too, because they do everything on paper, and want to some day get away from paper. So every night after work I dusted off my IT rustiness and worked on creating a program that could keep me organized in the work I was to do as a residential RN. I've got A.D.D. and O.C.D. and the computer not only helped me get through school, but I was convinced it would help me to do a great job. My bosses, well, not so much.

    After 6 weeks they called me in to the office and chewed me a new one. Long and short of it was they had nothing positive to say about me. Their words. And in their words, my psych experience meant nothing. I was not good at filing the papers. That was what they focused on. And they forbid me from using my laptop. I told them that I'd disclosed during my interview that it was a valuable tool for me to help me with my own developmental disabilities, so they told me to talk to HR. I did. HR told me to go back to the bosses. They continued to forbid me. Then they wanted to extend my orientation by another 30 days so they could have someone sit and observe everything I did to make sure I was putting the papers in the right place. I tend to think logically, but they had three binders per individual in the home, and copies of things had to go numerous places, and all the forms you needed to do the job were mostly copies of copies that were askew...

    I resigned the next day.

    But they never did get a copy of my software, so that's mine. If you want to see it, take a look at
    I've stopped developing it for now, but I'm thinking of marketing it to nurses that take care of people in group homes. I wanted some local agencies to let me demo it for them, but no bites yet.

    Meantime I'm unemployed, and I never thought it'd be so tough for a guy like me to get work in behavioral health again. It's like no one will have me. I'm also pursuing informatics, so I can use my 7 years of IT experience for something. I've been without work since March and it's been tough.

    Well, thanks for reading.

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  3. by   CaseManager1947
    I looked it over, and I thought it was very creative and a great idea... I think you should continue developing this... Just be careful, though, that you don't gi ve too much info away... you will lose the rights to it, if someone steals your idea, and patents it first. Have you thought of approaching a software developer/patent attorney??? I know... costs $$$$$. Just a thought though. Sorry about your experience within that setting... sounds as though you may be better off without that employer anyway. Good Luck
  4. by   Lacie
    Have you considered checking with Hospitals or other facilities looking for nurses who train employees for thier computer programs, etc. I know the dialysis companies I have worked for all used RN's to do our training on the computers for labs, etc. Just a thought. Spectra labs does also. May have to do some cold calls or resume sending.
    Also as the previous poster said "dont give away too much info". Continue on the completion and self market.