MR/DD Group Home RN

  1. Please, could someone give me a description of what a MR/DD group home RN would do in a day??

    Considering applying, but job description isn't as detailed as I would like. I want the specifics, see if I would be a good fit.

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  3. by   virgo,student nurse
    Hello. I am a supervisor in a OMRDD HOME. I have a LPN and a RN. The RN has several houses and is often not able to make it to every location,so they over see the medical needs of all the homes. The LPN runs the appointments,reorders medications,checks the MAR for blanks,schedules appointments and etc.
    I see the RN overseeing the work that the LPN is responsible for,attending appointments, and going to meetings that pertain to the clients, they also physically assess the client if they have a specific issue, such as a broken foot etc. They also give yearly PPD,and flu shots. Hope this helps
  4. by   muzzy
    This is a great help!
  5. by   snapdragon928
    In our group homes the program coordiner orders the meds, checks the MAR, handles appoinments as an LPN might do, but she is not a nurse. At the other three homes, the residential program aide does these duties and are under a Program coordnator that cover all three small homes. The Rn comes in and checks the client at times of illness or injury. Takes vials. Attend meetings with the clients about his or her health, mental and otherwise. She calls the doctor with concerns. The are usually hampered with pressure to keep face to face time at a minimum. Which is not effective when there is alot going on. Th RN talks directiclly to managment and program coordinator and any medical srevices that need to be done. You have a high case load at one time, so it gets tough. That is the way it is with the nurses coming out of CMH. She is also an educator to us residential program aides. The RPA"s are the ones who do med passing, the most often. And take care of wounds and medical concerns when the boss and PC are at home.
    You will have large and complicated case loads. It is satisfying work, when what you do brings health and happiness to your client and see them progress, and to be there for the ones who don't.
  6. by   DamnGoodNurse
    I hope this helps I work in a large facility in Illinois that the governor is wanting to close due to the residents being institutionalized. I am facing the same situation I have worked in developmental disabilities area for over 20 years. In my current position for 11, when they close the facility of over 200 residents. They are all moving to group homes, I have been told that a nurse RN will be the overseer of several homes 7-8 would be responsible for making sure that the TL have the medications have been set up for the team leaders to give the residents and for doing G-tube feedings etc. Actually gonna be a paper shuffler. At least where I'm at that what it appears to me. Also there are no very many RN's in the corporation that I work in, so for myself working in a group home setting is not an option. Best of Luck to you. Hopefully your not in Illinois.