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What about "care giver role strain" for the patient's mom (or whoever their caregiver is)? It can also be a risk diagnosis, and is almost always appropriate. When a child is in the hospital the mother is usually there as much as possible, often sacrificing time to herself, eating, bathing, etc. If there are other children at home, it makes it even more difficult to balance caring for the sick child, and keeping up with things at home for the well children.

Some interventions would be to encourage the caregiver to go home, eat a good meal, take a shower, get some rest and assure her that you will be there with the child. Have her identify resources like community services or family members from whom she can get help and support. Suggest that she go on an internet forum for parents of children with chronic illness, so she can talk with other parents in similar situations.

I think social isolation, as you mentioned, would also be appropriate.

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consider the developmental stages. What is the child supposed to be achieving during this period in his life? Will the illness interfere with that achievement? What fears would he have?

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Looking at Erikson's theory on growth and development, it's clear that missing school and falling behind from his peers academically and socially will be a major concern. Maybe an intervention would be suggesting to have his elementary school send over homework he can work on or have a tutor come in if possible. Also encouraging him to interact with kids his age on the unit.

Care giver role strain is a good one.. His mom is a single parent with other kids, which adds additional strain. She was doing an incredible job of keeping it together.

Thanks for the input! I really appreciate it :)

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