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I am leaving my current job at a pediatric office where I worked as a LPN. I recently graduated as a RN and the practice does not have a position for a RN. Anyway, I transferred to this job with the doctor and his wife who is also a nurse practitioner at his office knowing that I will only be there for 1.5 years max until I graduated from the RN program. They allowed me to work there while missing 1 day a week for school and clinical. To top it all off, the doctor even personally walked over to the hospital across the street where I will be working next and recommended that they hire me (he is very well known at this particular hospital). I am leaving soon for the new job and I am so very fortunate to have worked for such an amazing couple. I would like to get them a gift to show my gratitude, but I have no idea what to get them considering they probably have everything. I think something maybe personalized would be cute. Or something medical related that they could keep in their office. I don't know. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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How about a nice thank you letter and a donation in their name to a charity they support, a pediatric charity, a medical mission group for peds, or if the hospital has a peds unit and they have toys/books for kids how about a toy or some books donated in their honor? I'd be thrilled to have a letter stating what an impact I had on somebody, that alone would even be enough.


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A letter for sure, it's all that I would want and it would mean a lot. The only other thing I can think of would be a nice floor plant for their office or lobby, something to remember you by with some symbolism for helping you bloom.

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Remain professional. A thank you and a hand shake is all that is required.


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First I'm glad you had a positive relationship with a physician, seems from many here they don't have that experience. Second do not buy them anything. Gifts for a physician can often turn cheesy and not needed. Being that this doctor personally walked over to the place you were applying to meant that you were a great help and a valuable asset to his or her practice and that is the best gift they could receive.

You said it that they probably have everything or probably could buy it if they didn't (unless you buy them a beach house in Maui and, if you do, I am going to start walking over to more places for my co-worker's.) Overall what I have treasured most in my career are truly heartfelt thank you's. I have a small box of true thank you's from patients and co-workers that I have helped and that is soooo much better than a clock or the bottle of wine bought for me. If I were you I would send them a great thank you and as a bonus send a letter 6 months later showing what you were doing; that is a ton better than a gift. Congrats on the new position and having someone put their name on the line for you. That means you were a great asset and will do fantastic in your next step.