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when i was a butthead in my younger years i'd find myself saying something like, "i'll never do that, that's not part of my job, i didn't sign up for that," and then before i knew it i was learning it. it wasn't so bad. i got good at it. i got to like it. i got certified in it and taught it. and i completely forgot about ever being a butthead about it....until i read this post.

they wouldn't have chosen you to acquire this skill (and make yourself more valuable to your employer, btw) if they thought you were too dumb to even consider asking. :D what have you got to lose? your fear? your inexpertise? meh. go for it.


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Your job description is whatever your employer says it is unless you have it written out in a contract. I signed up for the STICU, but I can't refuse to be pulled to other floors.

Sounds like I work where you do ckh23 ;)


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I would love to be PICC certified. Both IR departments I have worked in do PICC line insertions or at least the doctors do. I have assisted in enough that I could do them on my own but don't have the necessary certification to do it. I'm hoping I can convince my current employer to pay for my certification so I can be on the PICC team.

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