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Denver School of Nursing - October 2015 start date


Hello, I applied for the october start date, 2015, at denver school of nursing. I wanted to start a thread for all the hopeful students for this start date. I thought it would be a good support system and ask questions about the school. A little bit about me, I have been an EMT for the last 3 years and I have volunteered my local fire department. I'm graduating this May with an Associated of Science in Biology, pretty much the requirements for the BSN programs with a GPA of 3.6. I really hope I get in, and good luck everyone.

Hi, I'm also applying for DSN's October start date. I've been working in the mental health field and looking forward to a change of pace. From everything I've heard it looks like we should know if we've been selected for an interview right around May 13th but I feel like time is going to crawl until then! I can't seem to find any info on admissions stats, if anyone knows anything about that I would love to know!

Hello! I feel like time has already been moving slowly towards May 13th, I sent my application in on second day. As far as stats on admission goes, the last data I saw was from 2010 and they accepted 70% of applicants. I also heard that if you are above a 3.0 GPA and have good volunteer experience that it is likely that one will be accepted.

Thanks, that's good to hear, I wonder if it's got more competitive since they recieved their accreditation. I just sent in my packet, I knew if I sent it in early I would go crazy, maybe you will be one of the first people they contact since you sent in your app earlier :) Are you local or will you be moving here for the program?

I'm a local to colorado but I live on the western slopes and am about 4 hours away. That's a long commute! I am going to move there, and looking to Lodo area even through it is expensive. As far as the application goes, I do hope I hear something on the 13th. I didn't want to put if off, and stress about it. It's also the only school I applied too.

I also applied for the October start date. I am currently a student at the University of Arizona and received my CNA licensure. I don't know anyone in Denver so if anyone was potentially looking for a roommate please let me know! Goodluck to everyone!

I am looking for a roommate too, well....if I get accepted. I really hope that I do. :

I also applied the first week of applications :) I live in Boulder and will commute from here if accepted. My prerequisites are A's and a few B's, and I have done some volunteer work with different health organizations but not in a hospital. Good luck to all of you and hopefully see you in school! Does anyone have a plan for student loans?

I have no plans yet for student loans yet, I'm hoping to get an interview first before looking more into them. I have looked through a couple and I know from other people that they are getting a new private lender for schools.

Hey all, I spoke to the financial aid dept and they were able to give me a great breakdown as to what I was eligible for and what I would pay out of pocket. So if you want to get a jump on planning they should be able to help as long as you've filled out your fafsa.

Hey everyone, I got my email today saying that I could move on with the interview process.

Woohoo, congrats! I just got the email as well!

I'm replying to her about interview dates now, I guess we can't pick certain dates for the interview.

Has anyone else not received an email yet?

Should I try contacting Rachel if I haven't received my email by tomorrow?

Memurphy: Technically the six week mark isn't until next Wednesday so I wouldn't worry too much yet. They said in the email that there were a lot of people applying to this cohort. That being said, I'm sure there is no harm in calling to check the status of your application. Also from all the older threads I've read it looks like even if you are an alternate many of them eventually get pulled, keep positive!