Denied by one of our major clinical sites?


Today was such a bad day for me where do I begin? So I already got accepted in the ADN program for Fall 2020 in Texas so I was happy for a minute. There was a thing on our acceptance letters that stated if you feel like anything would barr you from doing clinicals at Baylor Scott and White (which is one of our school's biggest partner for clinical sites) then contact the director of nursing. I used to work for BSW recently and quit due to personal and medical issues. Apparently I was told by my director that I had to contact the hospital(BSW) for a student account access since they denied me access to epic. So I contacted the hospital and I was thinking this shouldn't hinder my chances of starting the program but boy was I wrong. The HR told me that I would have to wait for 2 years since I didn't put in a two week notice when I quit my job. I felt like this was very unfair and my school basically told me oh well sorry can't do anything for you. 😭 What are my options? I don't know how to process all of this. This has discouraged me to continue on. I have zero hope. I worked so hard for this, took me two years for my dreams to get shut down. How do you come back from this?,😭

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There may be nothing you can do but find another school that does not use that hospital as a clinical site. When you leave without giving notice, employers have the right to "not take you back."

You may however, be able to negotiate with them to let you back as a student (under the direct supervision of your instructor) even if they won't let you back as an employee. What was your status before you walked out on them? Were you under disciplinary action or anything like that? Would your previous Manager recommend you?

Negotiating with them might necessitate hiring a lawyer to negotiate on your behalf. It would probably also require that you be open and honest about whatever reasons led you to quit without giving notice. If your reasons are considered "good enough," by the hospital, they might let you come as a student. If not, you may have to go elsewhere to school or wait for the 2 years to pass before they will let you come back.

When you walked out without giving proper notice, you "burned your bridges" there -- and you'll need to either repair that relationship and take another route. Good luck to you.


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Is Texas one of those states where one can quit without notice, just like an employer can terminate without reason?

Would that give OP any leverage if trying to negotiate with BSW?

Maybe a lawyer specialized in this type of dispute could offer support?

I didn't leave on bad terms at all. I just didn't put in a two weeks notice that's all. As a matter of fact I was sick often around that time before they came out with Covid 19(all the symptoms that I had lead me to believe I had covid19) and I had run out of PTO and they were always on people's behinds about missing work even when I put in PTO. I am very upset about this decision and pretty much the only school that don't have Baylor Scott and White as their clinical site is Vista. I don't want to go to Vista but I have no choice because I don't want to wait two years. Vista only offers the LVN program. I will start with them hopefully in August and then I'll work as a lvn right after and then utilize that time to take my co reqs and pre reqs for my Accelerated BSN. Thank you so much.

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I don't know how big that particular system is, I know Texas is a big state though. There are no other programs in Texas? Maybe look at a different state then if you don't want to do the LVN to RN route.