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Sorry u got turned down. Its a tough pill to swallow. I just got the dreaded non-acceptance email from Frontier today. :( Where do we go from here?

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I am dissapointed and heartbroken. I applied to FIU in Miami's Psych NP program and was sent a denial letter. Just a background o me: 3.6 GPA, BSN, Med Surg nurse for 1 year, had to do my interview via SKype because I was on honeymoon during that time, didnt get a physical panel interview, applied to only this school this year. Next year, i intend to apply to all the FLorida NP programs, unlike this year. But it still hurts. Do not wanna be stuck on Med Surg floor forever...any advice, anyone?

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I understand your pain. Please don't "dismiss" Med-Surg...I would never survive a day on that floor. Too many patients, too many variety of ailments and a very unappreciative job. I wouldn't be caught dead saying, "Oh, she just works Med-Surg" nurses are the backbone of any facility...REMEMBER THAT!

All you can do, is try again. I would apply at no less than three schools. Your GPA is good. People get cheap with the application fees but it isn't the time to be it and increase your chances.

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I think the #1 reason you did not get in is no psych experience. I would look for a job in the field before re-applying anywhere.