Demand for travel nurses?


I am curious what the current demand is for travel nurses? Last year at this time it was said that demand had decreased dramatically - has it picked back up? I currently am working in a LTC - we are fully staffed for nurses but are using travel CNA's who come from surrounding states. Are travel nurses being used at your facility?

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I am a travel nurse, I just started so I can't compare with last year but I know that I have had several offers each time I finish up my contract. If I am willing to go to several states, work in different areas, work different shifts, that makes me all the more marketable. I think that you have to put the smile in your voice, show confidence and show your willingness to step up to the plate and help them when you get there. These are the things they want to hear.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy whatever you decide.


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Assignments are flowing again.

After the "economic downturn" last winter hospitals found out that by freezing travelers out it really didn't change their census and they still needed lots of staffing.

Some of the regular travelers I had been working with were spooked into accepting staff positions in hometown facilities. Demand is up, available nurses are down... the world is your oyster.

Negotiate to get your best deal. Assignments are PLENTY for all types of nursing days or night. Good Luck.


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I am guessing since hospitals are not hiring new grads they are having to hire travel nurses to meet their needs.

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Yes I agree with the above posts. The market for travel nurses are improving tremendously. Last year the agencies were not calling often with attractive pay and some travelers were forced to go staff b/c they weren't getting assignments. Now the phone can't stop ringing from the travel agencies. The economy is starting to pick up and so the hospitals see they need good pt care and continue to go on understaffed, so lo and behold they call the agencies begging for travelers.:D

But as the above poster said it, the world is OUR ladies and gentlemen let's take advantage of this upswing on the travel nursing demand and go see the world and get paid doing it!!!!!:yeah: