Delta State University MSN to FNP experiences

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Hi! I would love to hear your experiences if you completed the Delta State University MSN to FNP program as I am interested. Thanks!

I currently attend Delta Stat as an entering MSN student on the FNP track. (will not be getting the DNP at this time.)

I will tell you that by already having a MSN you will receive credit for any courses in the program that you have already taken such as Nursing Theory, Research, Leadership, etc... also if you have taken any of the 3 Ps then you will not have to repeat them. The program takes 4 semesters if you are doing it full time and there are not courses during the summer term.

There are 3-4 campus visits during the semester.. you find your own preceptors, but they would have to close enough to allow the instructors to make site visits during the semester...

All in all it's not a bad program and it's a great price.

Great, thank you for your reply! I have already taken the course you mentioned but am curious to what the 3 P's are. Also, how long is a semester and how much does your program cost. I live in Florida so am not sure if this is considered close enough.

the 3 Ps are advanced Patho, Pharm, and Physical assessment.... They are standard 16 week semesters and there are 1020 required clinical hours.

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