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Hello everyone, I'm planning to apply for CSN Spring 2019 program and just want to get a review and tips from someone who is/has been in the program. How would you rate your experience? I know the school has a great reputation but I would just like to hear someone's experience with the school and program first hand. Also, if you have applied here what was your profile score? (if you don't mind sharing) Thanks!



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Good luck. Let me know if u got in and what was your profile score? I'm currently preparing to apply in January for fall 2019. I just have to take a&p 2, English 102 and math 130 and fine arts so my pre reqs would be completed. I wanted to retake some classes with C's to boost my CSN GPA. Right now I'm at 2.8 so if u retake and replace it with A's, I would have a 3.5 CSN GPA. I suppose to apply 3 years ago but I had owe Delgado a Pell. I hope you get accepted!!!!

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I graduated in 2016. CSN is excellent for preparing you to function as a competent RN on the floor. You need thick skin and resilience to get through the program though. The instructors challenge you to the point of exhaustion and despair.



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BeachsideRN, I’ll be going into level 3 this fall at CSN and am terrified. What is all the hype?? Please give me a little insight into what to expect. Thanks in advance