Christiana Nurse Residency 2014

  1. Has anyone applied to any of the 4 nurse residencies that are starting in Feb/March of 2014? Just curious who has heard or been interviewed.
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  3. by   abirdwell83
    Hi there,

    I applied for three of the four -- got everything in on the 26th (paperwork was due the 27th) and got called for a phone interview Tuesday. Had the phone interview today. I think it went okay, but of course now I'm thinking of like a million things I said wrong...

    I didn't hear back from Med-Surg or Critical Care residencies. ED is actually my first choice, though. It sounds like the number of slots depends on their capacity to train new nurses so it may be that crit care has fewer spaces... I don't know.

    Good luck!
  4. by   JoI8815
    Hey, I applied for the Medical residency program. I turned everything in on 25th but have not heard back from them as of today. I'm really nervous because I reaaally think this is an awesome opportunity for me. Will try to keep you posted.
  5. by   anna200
    I applied for ED and Medical Residencies and dropped off all required documents on 20 and 26 respectively. I have not heard back from them yet. Unfortunately, there is no information on application status. I hope they still review applications and we will get an interview soon. Good luck to everyone. I will keep you pasted.
  6. by   JoI8815
    Quote from ryleeg
    Has anyone applied to any of the 4 nurse residencies that are starting in Feb/March of 2014? Just curious who has heard or been interviewed.
    Got a rejection letter today. So sad
  7. by   ryanne_marie
    Which residencies are you talking about? I have been applying all over and not as much as a phone interview yet.
  8. by   melissam529
    So I applied to the NICU residency program for March 2014 start date. It was due Jan 13 and I received a call today for a phone interview...any advice as I am not too sure about how I do with phone interviews. I am also not sure if I have a phone interview because I live in NJ or is it because this is before the real interview. Any advice is welcome.
  9. by   msxdbsk
    how is the residency program for those who found out? and how is the pay?
  10. by   caseyuptonurse
    I just applied to the NICU one for this coming July. Everything was due yesterday. Good luck to anyone else applying!
  11. by   caseyuptonurse
    Not trying to create any spam but wondering if anyone has heard anything yet? It's been two weeks since everything was due and I'm still twiddling thumbs.
  12. by   NorthernRN77
    I applied for the ED and everything was due by the 15th. I was called today to set up an interview
  13. by   NurseJoc
    I applied to NICU as well! I have not heard anything yet. I am super nervous after reading everything it sounds so competitive. Good luck everyone!
  14. by   caseyuptonurse
    Oh wow so there must be a lot of applicants to go through if they are just calling about interviews for ED now. Hmm. Well good luck on your interview and good luck to everyone still waiting!