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    I am just wondering if any one works or has worked for Christiana care. I have heard that they are a great employer, but most of my information has been second or third hand. I am currently looking to different hospital's scholarship programs and this one is one that I am quite interested in, but before I apply I want to make sure that it is a good place to work. Any thoughts?
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  3. by   DSLNC
    I work for CCHS. They have a number of courses to enhance your skills for specific jobs such as Critical Care or ER. Great place to work!
  4. by   Larlar81
    I work at Christiana Hospital. Great place to work. There are alot of different areas to choose from and they offer great internship programs if you are new to nursing. Christiana is in a nice area and the facility is very modern.
    I haven't been to Wilmington campus very often so I don't have much first hand info on what's it like to work there. Although I have come across many people who work there and love it.
    Hope this helps! Good luck in job hunting.
  5. by   Chrislynn2003
    I work in Wilmington OR for Christiana Care. I did an internship that lasted 6 months. It's a good place to work, but we are short on staff, so spread the news.
  6. by   RaggedyRN

    I have an interview for a position at Christiana. Can anyone tell me the units to avoid?
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