Anyone attend Wesley College's BSN program as an LPN?

  1. I'm trying to find out how long their program is if you enter as an LPN They don't have a specific LPN to BSN Bridge program but if you look at their BSN admission policies there are four tracks: First Time College Student, Wesley College Student-Undeclared, LPN Admission and Transfer Student Admission.

    I'm excited about this prospect for the future because the only LPN to BSN programs I've seen are on the west coast....but if it's long than 2.5 years I can always go other routes. Thanks!
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  3. by   EllieMac
    I only know that Wesley's classes must be taken in succession.

    There is a LPN-BSN program at DSU which is also in Dover.
  4. by   RP-LPN
    Hi I'm an LPN who just looked at the requirements....have you done the NLN RN-PAX exam , case scenario, math / med exam?????
  5. by   Striving2BG8
    At the time I wrote this I was considering doing an LPN program first and them doing a LPN to BSN program. But now I'm going to DSU in the pre-nursing program. Hopefully I'll be in the actual BSN program next Fall.