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We are considering dedicated triage nurses. Are there any facilities out there that do that and how does it work?:p


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I used to work at a large level 2 trauma center. They talked off and on about having "triage nurses" No one ever agreed to do strictly triage. And this facility was going to pay a "triage differential" They is no enough money is this world for me to do only triage for a 12 hour shift. So-sorry-not sure how its suppose to work. Good luck


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I guess it's universal that doing triage for an entire shift is equal to pure torture. It's not so much the patients that are legitmately ill (is it ever?) but rather those who think they are and pester you constantly about when they will be called in, yuch! In our large, urban Level I center, the patients can be waiting for 8-10 hours in triage for non-urgent, clinic-type of complaints. They do not want to step outside of themselves to realize that others, who are being wheeled in via a separate entrance, may actually be more urgent then they are! It sometimes gets downright dangerous to be out "in the booth". The triage differential would have to be pretty high to get anyone I know to do the task for entire shifts!

Factor in that the staff working their butts off inside the ER are not too receptive about the triage nurse bringing in any more patients until they get "caught up", which we all know seems to never be possible in this day and age!

Ahh, I feel better after venting.



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You can could not pay me enough to sit in triage for 12 hrs. In our facility we do 4 hr. shifts in triage...rarely will someone agree to that much torture for 8 hrs....and I have never seen anyone stay there for 12 long hours. That would never work in our ED.

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We have a $1/hr triage differential and rotate it among the more experienced nurses. I'm the night charge in large urban level 1 and some people like triage, some love it and some hate it. THere is always one person per shift willing to do it.

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Our ER has nurses that are strictly triage nurses- those of us in the back NEVER have to go out to triage. They do get charge nurse pay- I think $1.50 additional, and there are always at least two triage nurses at all times. There are nurses who are happy to do the job, thank god! I can't imagine having to go out there. Some our experienced ER nurses, others have never set foot in the back of the ER; this does make a difference in how many are walked right back.

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we are a level II ER...see about 100 pts per day. Our triage nurse is usually the charge nurse. Does triage entire shift, but is able to help out if needed. I believe they get $1 or so extra for charge, but never heard of extra for triage.


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When I was pregnant with my first child, I had to sit out at triage for 12 (and then 8 hours) for the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy. I tried to work until the baby was born. But after being "stuck" at triage (doctor's orders:( ) I was not only hormonely but also homocidial:devil:


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Just recently talking with a group about how to keep older more experienced nurses longer in the ED. Iknow physically with my back problems I wont last another 10 years working in the "back". I can usually do about 6 hours in triage before I get crazy. I would consider doing that, There is really no other place I want to work, and who would be better than a well seasoned nurse, with all the intelligence and "not right feelings"?

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