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December 2006 Grads


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:balloons: CONGRATS to all who are graduating this semester!!!:balloons:

I have my last nursing final on Tuesday, Dec 12th!:monkeydance:

Last day of clinical was Thursday, can't wait to burn those nasty white uniforms at our celebration bonfire!

Pinning ceremony is Friday!

Taking a job in ICU, beginning in January.

How about you? What are some of the things you will/won't miss about nursing school?;)

Congratulations!! I am very excited about graduating too! I passed my final HESI today giving me the all clear. Pinning is Friday along with Sigma Theta Tau induction, grad is Saturday.

I will NOT miss the whites, but will miss the daily contact with the amazing group of classmates that I have spent practically every moment with in the last 17 months.

I have accepted a Neonatal ICU residency that starts January 2nd!!

Imafloat, BSN, RN

Has 13 years experience.

Congrats to you both!! I was sad over losing contact with classmates too, but we still talk.

I graduated in November and will start in the NICU in January. I just took/passed NCLEX last week.

GeminiTwinRN, BSN

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Congratulations to all who are graduating this semester! YAY!!!

We have our exit HESI tomorrow, and then we have to complete 120 hours post-graduate internship (this is in addition to the 120 hours that we completed before graduation!) prior to applying for our ATT.

I start in the ICU on Jan. 8th. Can't wait! I'll probably be sitting for NCLEX in February. I hate to wait, but with the new law about the additional 120 hours, there's not much we can do about that.


Oh and btw, MyBSNin06, I think you did yourself a great service by putting off your start date til Jan 8. At least you have a break before starting your next big stage in life! Enjoy yourself!! :D

:mortarboard: :groupwelcome:

I think we should all stay in touch on a thread to see where we all are as we start our new careers, what do you guys think?

BeccaznRN, RN

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Yes, congratulations to us all! I am finished with finals and the next time I go to my school, I will be in a cap and gown! :thankya:

I am certainly going to miss all of my wonderful classmates, and I will also miss the "security" of nursing school when I have to go out there and work under my own license. But I am looking forward to starting my new job in the cardiothoracic ICU at the end of February regardless....and glad I'm getting a two-month break in between!

What will I not miss about nursing school? Pretty much everything else!

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