December BSN Grad in jobs in sight!


I am graduating school in a week and am already becoming VERY discouraged with the Job Search. I have basically eliminated all hope of getting a regular RN position and have come to the conclusion that I am pretty much only going to be considered for a nurse residency program. Have already been rejected from one residency program and they only engaged in a simple (unexpected) phone interview with me before eliminating me from the residency program recruitment completely. I am interested in pediatric oncology...but obviously willing to do anything I can get a job in! I have an extensive resume, including a student nurse internship, volunteering at a children's hospital, and CNA work in addition to participating in a special nurse preceptor unit at my school where I worked directly under the supervision of an RN on a med surg unit all semester (had to qualify to be accepted into this). I am going to take my NCLEX ASAP but I would like to be considered now to secure a job for myself....any ideas??

It's hard here in ct. Just apply everywhere , and go into places u would like to work with resume in hand . Good luck!


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It is rough here in Connecticut, I graduated last May and am still looking. If possible I would talk to the unit/hiring manager at the hospital you interned at, the hospital you worked at as a CNA, and the hospital you precepted at to see if they can help. If not, apply to any and every job you find. If it says "experience preferred", apply anyway. I stalk hospital websites and literally every single day to find new jobs. I would also recommend looking at lesser-known hospitals - Day Kimball, Charlotte Hungerford, Lawrence and Memorial, Johnson Memorial. They're less popular than Yale, UConn, and Hartford Hosp. and I was surprised to find that some of my classmates had never even considered these places. Good luck!

CT is rough. I know L&M has a grad nurse program and Backus. Don't knock home health and LTC. I know it's not ideal, but its a job.