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Debating Kaplan FNP


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Originally I enrolled in the Kaplan RN to MSN FNP. I will be completing my BSN portion of the program this month. I graduate on July 26 and start the MSN on july 30th. Now I am just debating if I should continue on or change universities for the FNP?

I have enjoyed by BSN program. As a continued graduate I get alumni credit discount for graduate studies it will be $294.50 a credit hour Kaplan uses quarter credits so the total credits for the FNP is 90 credits and AGNP is 90 credits. That means my program will be a shade under $30,000 plus books which if purchased new is about $1200. ( i plan to buy used and use my hospital medical library?

Any one have any suggestions on an online program under $40,000 a year?

I see you are from ohio. Have you looked into ohio university? The cost is similar (a little under 30,000) and is completely online except two visits to the college over two and a half years. I am finishing up my first year this summer and will start clinicals in August. I have been able to work full time so far by burning the candle at both ends but will go part time when doing clinicals. The classes are challenging and it is certainly not easy but will be worth it in the end. Good luck to you.

Wv-rn. .thanks ..I did originally start the application process at ohio university buy could not continue per the admissions coordinator u til my bsn I'd complete and deferred. I am scheduled to compete my bsn in 2 weeks. It takes about 30 days to confer the degree. She said at earliest it would he starting in January but more realistically in the summer. I am done with this bsn and I would like to Continue this year instead of next year