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For my final project, I have to debate the topic of nurses reporting other nurses for violations. I have to oppose this, even though I don't think there are any valid reasons to oppose it. I need five resources to support my position and am having no luck finding anything. Does anyone have any ideas? In Minnesota's NPA, it says nurses are required to report other nurses who violate the NPA. I heard that some NPA don't require this. Is it required in your state?

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Wow, what a tough assignment!

To help others out a little here - reporting over what exactly? Med errors, being intoxicated on the job, not answering call lights, giving unsafe care, being late to work, giving bad report, charting in an untimely manner - what?

The only thing I can really think of is that it can foster a cutthroat environment if there is the constant threat of being turned in by your co-worker for something arguably minute, such as being a a couple of minutes late or being so busy that you chart your meds late, etc.

My official topic is, "Should you as an LPN report another nurse for violating standards of nursing practice?"

I do agree that it would make the work environment hostile. I was also thinking that we should have to babysit other nurses.

You are being asked to find resources to support a point of view that in practice can cause you to lose your job and license?

I believe your argument should be with your professor at this point for assigning you such a stupid, useless topic. Stick up for yourself, this is ridiculous. There are plenty of ethical gray area debates that have documentation available, this isn't one of them.

Fear of reprisal from the nurse reported. In this day and age that could mean anything from being cyberstalked to being shot in the parking lot. What if they file a civil suit against you for lost wages etc? the BON isn't gonna pay for your lawyer. Also you mentioned it not being your job to babysit your coworkers. You are NOT the supervisor. In a report happy environment you run the risk of nurses reporting someone for personal revenge. I understand how you feel but when given an assignment it is better to work your hardest than to go to your professor and whine that you disagree with the topic. Please don't do that. Hope this helps you.

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