Death of a great professor!

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I found out last night during clinical that one of my schools A&P professors collapsed during class from a heart attack...he died on the way to the hospital. I had him for A&P2 lab and lecture. It was a year and a half ago but I'm so sad about this. I had a hard time falling asleep last night because I kept thinking of when I was in his class and how helpful he was, he was a really great professor. I even e-mailed him after that semester was over and told him how much I appreciated all his help and how much I learned. I hope he knew how much of a great asset he was to the biology department. Anyway, I don't know why I'm sharing this here, I just had to share because we all have professors we like and I knew some of you would understand. :crying2:

I had two instructors killed in the University of Alabama shooting. I have a few lectures of them recorded and I still can't bring myself to delete them. I totally understand how you feel even though you aren't that close to them they were a big part of your life considering how intense some classes can be, weither you liked them or not.

You should call the main office and when the funeral is or if they plan on having a memorial at the school.

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