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Dealing with self doubt


Hello all, First a bit of background information. I will be visiting Galen school of nursing next week to speak with an admissions counselor, tour the campus, put in my application to the school and to register for the Pax exam. I am excited but still a bit apprehensive about taking on nursing school and trying to juggle my family demands. I have experience working as CNA (certification is now expired) in long term care but am currently a stay at home Mom with 5 boys. (4 belonging to my husband and I and my oldest Nephew) Their ages are 15,11,8,7 and 4. Our youngest will be starting Kindergarten soon and I am finally ready to pursue my dreams of completing nursing school and working in either Pediatrics or obstetrics and Labor and delivery. Today I am having some doubts and am second guessing my choice to do this. I could really use some reassurance that I can finish nursing school and still be a great Mom to our boys. I am afraid that I am biting off more than I can chew.

I think being apprehensive, worried, and scared are all normal feelings we have before deciding to take on nursing school. But please don't let those feelings get in the way of something you want to do. Acknowledge those feelings and move on.

There are plenty of us moms in nursing school. You will learn how to balance school and family, and still be a great mom.

You can do this! Good luck next week at the school!

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If you wait until the 18 and 15 year old are college age, your expected family contribution will be much lower per student, including yourself. Financially it makes much more sense to wait.

When the teenagers are in college , it is the ideal time for a parent to finish a degree.

I agree. It would be concerning if you were not worried. I know it is definitely manageable. I'd put a lot of time into making schedules and chore lists and making sure my husband and family could know how and where to help out at once you get into school. I have a coworker right now who has 4 small kids at home and managed to work a couple of weekends in the month. Hands down to all of you super moms out there!