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Hello everyone,

I am currently finishing up my pre-reqs for nursing school in Colorado. My boyfriend is moving to the Dayton Ohio area for a job. I was hoping to go to nursing school in the area. I have done a little bit of research but sort of probably being a resident in the area, I haven't found much information. The only school I know of is the Wright State University for nursing in the area. Also, I know another option is Sinclair Community College but it seems to have a long waiting list.

Any suggestions or advice for someone completely new to the area and wanting to do nursing school, hopefully, in fall?


Miami University in Middletown and Hamilton have nursing programs. So does Kettering Medical Center. I attend Miami University Middletown.


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you can also try the Ohio board of nursig which has listings for all the schools in OHIO and check those that are close.

Rets Tech is another, Butler tech also. Waiting list are def a reality around here...alive and well in fact. A few even if you have all your prereqs it may not be enough.Check the sites and if you have more questions I would encourage you to call. Also , dont limit your self to just schools in Dayton. Cincinnati, which is about 30 mins away, also has quite a few schools. I live in middletown , which is smack dab in the middle between DAYTON AND CINCINNATI, drove to school in cincinnati 5 days a week for a year before I finally graduated with my LPN. My RN was another story.....a 6 hour round trip to school story...once a week. ( but hey you do what you feel is worth it.)

I dont know if you are looking for LPN or RN but you can try

Univ of cincinnati-RN

Great Oaks-LPN

Brown MackieLPN

Hondros College-LPN & RN

Cincinnati State RN

Check OBN for the other schools like I said

I hope this helps


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RETS College of Nursing in Centerville is an option, which i believe someone already mentioned. There is generally no waiting list for the LPN to RN program, however, you will pay approximately 25K for the the 4 semester program. The next program will start in April and generally every 4 months thereafter.

Best of Luck.



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I attend Edison Community College in Piqua. It's not too bad of a drive from Dayton. It's a straight shot right up I-75. Not really a waiting list that I know of. Its more of an accepted or not accepted into the nursing program. I would be wary of Rets or Miami Jacobs or any "technical" school. Credits won't transfer if you choose to attend graduate school or even go back for your bachelors. Miami in Hamilton or Middletown are GREAT choices. I will be attending Miami to finish up my bachelors (once I finish my ADN LOL)


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Just do research and if possible speak to people who have attended the various schools you are considering. However, RETS went from a Technical school to a accredited College (RETS College), most credits from courses should transfer. At least I am hoping so.

Good luck!

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Wright State doesn't have a waiting list. You just have to have a high enough GPA.This quarter I think it's a 3.3? Good luck! You can check out all of the pre-req's online at


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Speaking from experience, I would NOT recommend attending RETS College. The tuition is high and you only get the basics. There has also been alot of students having problems at the school, they change the program by adding extra hours half way thru and they aren't willing to work with you if you have a problem. Trust me, I could tell u stories.:no: Miami Valley Career Tech Ctr is good and only about 11K. Also RETS credits don't always transfer.

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