Day and a life of an LPN



I am interested in LTC nursing. I would like to know what would my duties be as an entry level LPN?

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skin assessment

wound assessment

complex and simple wound care treatments,

funtional, adl assessment

medication administration, po, g tube, injection, and intravenous

obtaining blood sugar levels, administration of insulin

observation of change in status, and notification of provider for additional interventions, orders etc, keep family advised

initiate cpr on full code status residents

Charge nurse

delegate appropriate task to unlis. personnel as cna,

report at change of shift

doccumentation Comprehensive

evaluation of care plan, seeking modifications when appropriate

providing safe environment for residents

obtaining lab specimens as urine analysis

starting IV when in scope of practice

administer nebulization berating treatments

oxygen administration, and monitor of oxygen saturation levels

maintain artificial airways as Trach....

some facilities have ventilators

all the above completed with higher patient. Ratios, and fewer support staff

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Do you mean "A day in the life..."?