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be aware of delray medical center in delray beach florida!!! i am finishing up a contract there and i am just glad to get out of there with my license!!! icu is average of 3:1, and 2:1 with a balloon pump! imcu is 5:1 with numerous titrated drips (nipride, cardene, lido, and just about everyone is on ntg, and more), art lines, and alot of ptca sheath removals! average for their telemetry unit is 8:1 with ntg titrated up to 50mcg! they are not over friendly with travelers. what little full time staff they have are so burned out on travelers all year that they just get sick of teaching all the time! i don't blame them! none of the current travlers are resigning, and some have walked out! beware! pay isn't worth it either!

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Just left there last month after 26 weeks. You have to have skills with a thick skin to work there. My Recruiter still can't believe I took 26 weeks there and did well. I just have the art to speak my mind and if it got too crazy, told them to hold the ER back. What else could I do???

Funny how I hear about the average Traveler breaks their assignment after the 3rd week with just a 13 week committment! LOL.. we know why but yep, I did all 26 weeks!

I floated from CVSU to CCU to MICU where I was based to SICU to Regency, Med-Tele,Palm South and managed to keep myself up and happy. I went one day off after working would you believe 4 12 hr shifts in a row to Boynton Beach. I went to Golden Corral. Somehow I got to speaking to the next table and met 2 more Travelers who were at JFK on their day off. Was so much fun. We even planned dining out together on a few more restaurants and there I was with friends.

I look at Delray as the challenge and yes, I slayed the mighty dragon. I had assignments that would have made you run the heck out of the hospital and say why am I here? I just saw it as 26 weeks and then I am home here at Mom's and looking for my next travel assignment.

I applaud your slaying of the dragon. I just haven't got time for the pain anymore.

We were unfortunate. We moved from the UK and my wife took up position in Delray, or as it is now called "Deathray". She had signed for a lot longer than a 13 week term but we left after 2 weeks. Dangerous patient numbers, inadequate training and a whole hoste of other problems. You were putting yourself and your patients at risk.

We are now living elsewhere and the experience is now a pleasant one. Delray was not for us, but that does not mean to say it is not for everyone.

I have applied for several positions at Delray Medical several weeks ago, but still have not heard back from them. Anyone else having the same problem?

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Run from hellray, deathray medical center!!! I did a contract there in 2008. It was my worse experience in my 10 years of travel nursing!!! They treat the travel nurses there like dirt. Most travel nurses cancel their contracts.

This is why I love message board. I have read several posts regarding "hellray" hospital, I even told my recruiter last summer I had heard awful things about it. She agreed it was a "tough hospital." Then three months later when my contract was up in Florida and she couldn't find me another one, she called me very excited and insisted, "I found you an assignment in Florida at Delray!"

I was so annoyed, I told her no, and am no longer with her.

Working here is horrible and extremely unsafe for the staff and patients. Tenant knows this, which is the reason why most of their employees are contracted for a few years to work here and then they run like hell when there contract ends. I work nights and have 8 patients every night. I would NEVER want to be a patient or have a family member as a patient here. I do not recommend working here. They need to lower the nurse to patient ratios. IT IS UNSAFE.

I SIGNED A CONTRACT IN THIS HELLHOLE AND AM LEAVING THE 2ND IT RUNS OUT. Yes, it is why they given signing bonuses/make you signs a contract. They know no one in their right mind would stay. They don't give a s h i t about the nurses, give ridiculous assignment, no support, no supplies, everything is so slow and disorganized - a STAT CT scan took over 5 hours before they came up, a medication I requested at 1000 (supposed to be given at 0900) didn't get to me until 1700, etc etc etc. I wouldn't let my dog be a patient there. . and I don't really like my dog that much.

If you have no soul, have a huge attitude, don't mind giving ****** care, can handle horrible, obnoxious patients/families, then maybe you can survive there. Also, I don't know about the critical care units or ER so I can't speak to them.


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I did a travel assignment there about 4 years ago. I started there with 11 other travel nurses. Only me and one other nurse finished the contract. It was a nightmare!! In 10 years of travel nursing i NEVER canceled a contract but i came very close to doing so at hellray medical center. The patients/families were by far the worse i ever dealt with. I took more verbal abuse there in 3 months than i did the 3 YEARS i was in the Army!!

I got to experience Hellray about 2 years ago! Worst 13wks of my career. Never again!

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