d at the second year of RN school? What about BSN clinicals?

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Hi, I was once told the during the second year of RN school, students get paid for clinicals!? Is that true? Whatabout BSN clinicals?

Thank you!!!! :-)


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I went to the wrong school! Not only did we not get paid for clinicals, we had to PAY to GO. I would love to know what hospital pays nursing students!

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Lol, I went to the wrong school too!


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I guess someone B.S'ed me.... I can't see how that would work either...


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I've been in nursing for 25 years, in a few different states, and I've never heard of such a thing ...

Wish I had that opportunity.I think you might be refering to a few of the hospital based scholarships where the hospital will pay for part of your studies in turn for 2 years of work when you graduate


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I think the hospital only pays for your tuition & books, I was thinking of doing such program, specially cuz then I'll have a job lined up after school...

Someone in class said she knew someone who started getting paid for her clinicals (about $18/hr) but I'm thinking it's just a bunch of "caca"... People like to talk and brag.. you know... lol

I don't believe everything I hear...but part of me would like to believe that... HECK! Part of me had already spent that MONEY!! hehehehe

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