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Anybody apply to Cypress College or is planning to? I was dumb enough to go the first day, and even though I was a half hour early, I ended up waiting a good 4+ hours for an application. Probably not the best set up I've seen, but whatever, this is the school I want to get in! So, here's the thread for Cypress, and wishing nothing but the very best to all us 2011 hopefuls!

Hi guavaturtle, I applied for Cypress 2011 as well. I showed up the first day too and it was already closed down for the day due to a high volume of applicants. I went the third day and had no problem.

yeah it was pretty crazy. Do you know when we'll get a response? I'm sort of putting all my eggs in one basket for this school, I hope it works out. I applied with 29 points =/

I hope it works out too : ) She said at the info session that we will hear by mid/late November...I'm not sure how many competitive applicants applied during this app period. I applied with 30 points. She said 28-30 is a very competitive I guess we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed! Waiting is the hardest part :/

I applied at Cypress too. I applied with 30 points also. I wonder what are the chances for people with 29 to 30 points. Does any one know how many they accept spring 2011 and fall 2011? Thanks

The paperwork says "a minimum of 40 applicants will be selected each semester" ... so I guess at least 40, maybe more?

It's funny, I've tallied to at least 15 ppl that applied with the full 30 pts. Is it me or does this seem a little scary? Then again there were a lot of ways to get free points with this system. Hoping for the best!

Did anyone apply else where ? Yeah, it is so competitive now. Pretty scary. Good luck to everyone.

That is interesting....especially because at the info session she said she has yet to see a 30. She did mention she thought she'd be seeing some this app period, though. In the paperwork it says in the event of a tie, they look at the GPA in the science pre-req's, then if there's still a tie they look at who applied first. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Probably the ppl with 30s didn't go in for counseling haha! Well I did talk to someone with 15 pts....heh

Do you guys know how many points did the people that got accepted had in fall 2010?

Cookiedough, I'm not sure? Maybe if you emailed the counselor, she would tell you.

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