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Hi! I didn't find a topic yet for Cypress Fall 2018 applicants, so I thought I'd start one!

I just received an email yesterday that I was accepted as an alternate for Fall (I was rejected for Spring 2018) and wanted to know if there were any other alternates, or those who were accepted?

Also, does anyone know if they have any specific order for alternates? The suspense is torturing lol

Hey! i got an email saying i got accepted!!! i was rejected in spring and had no idea that our application gets recycled into another semester... But I am so happy!! And as for you being an alternate, i believe you have a great chance at getting in. You should definitely call and ask where you stand on that list. The office is closed today but you can call monday :)

Congrats on getting in!! I figured they got recycled since there is only one application period, which makes it much easier on us! Yeah, I'm definitely gonna call themn on Monday. I got accepted into SAC for fall, but Cypress is my #1 since I already go there and live closer.

Well congrats to you too í ½í¸ it's super tough to get into a program now a days so to have options is truly a blessing! At least you have a school to fall back on if cypress doesn't work out! Also cypress has a great RN program right ? At least that's what I've heard but since you attend here I'm assuming you know :)

Thank you!! Yes, I know a few people who were in the nursing program at Cypress and recommend it. Is Cypress the only school you applied to or do you have other options as well?

Oh okay nice ! And ya I got into ELAC but cypress is a better program so I'm going with cypress. The only thing is that it's kinda far for me but it's okay totally worth it. Also I have a question, did you see part of the email cypress sent us says we have to bring a schedule for fall for the committee to review? I don't understand that part .. do we have to register for nursing classes before orientation ?

Yeah it's totally worth it. I just asked about the schedule, they said it just means the Fall schedule of classes, which you can access either online or the book.

Ohhhhh okay makes sense! Thank you í ½í¸Š

Im surprised that no one else has joined in... there is no other forum for cypress nursing (fall). Also I'm so anxious about this orientation! I just want to get the information so I can begin to prepare lol

Lol right? I was thinking the same thing.. I guess no one is as anxious as us haha. I just hope I find out that I'm officially accepted before orientation! At least we have the whole summer to prepare ourselves.

I guess we're the only ones in the program! Lol...what points did you apply with btw?

I kinda got started by reviewing my A&P notes and I also bought a little pharmacology memory note card book to get me started.

Hello everyone! I got into the program as well! I totally wasn't expecting it. But I'm pretty excited! Have any of you taken your Teas yet?

And I got in with 29 points

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