Current LPN finishing RN, moving to WA, need help please!


I am currently an LPN working in LTC in Iowa. I've had about 5 years experience in geriatrics (not due to interest, just where the jobs were) however all but the last few months of this experience was as a CNA, as I just started my LPN job a few months ago.

We are moving to WA, hopefully to the Whidbey Island area in February. I will finish my RN this December.

I am wondering, what is cost of transfering my LPN license from Iowa to Washington? Anyone know? Also, would it be better to move to WA c/ a LPN license, and just take my RN boards there, so I don't have to transfer that as well? I'm just trying to cover my butt in this crappy job market.

Also, anyone know the job outlook in the Whidbey Island area? Even just # of hospitals in a 30 mile radius, if any are hiring? I have geriatric experience but wish to work in neonatal/pediatrics.

Anyone know parts of Western WA that have higher pay? Not interested in directly living in Seattle, hoping for somewhere more laid back with cheaper cost of living.


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Your starting point for any questions is the Wa BoN.

You may be able to apply for your WA RN license when you take boards.

Like just about anywhere else in the country higher pay goes hand in hand with a higher cost of living. I really think you're wasting your time looking for the higher paying areas because any salary gain will be eatten up by the CoL.

There aren't a lot of hospitals in the Whidbey Island area.

I suggest going to Mapquest, mapping Whidbey Island then searching hospitals. The default is for within 20 miles - but be warned, that isn't drive distance. It's an island, it's a long drive to a lot of places.

Washinton State has a 9% unemployment rate overall. Many new grads are not finding jobs.

I (personally) wouldn't relocate anywhere that I didn't allready have a job right now.


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As far as hospitals that are close on Whidbey-there is the Navy Hospital in Oak Harbor, Coupeville has Whideby General (10 minutes or so from Oak Harbor) IF you were willing to drive-Anacortes (maybe 30 minutes from Oak Harbor) has Island Hospital or there is Mount Vernon which has Skagit Valley Hospital (45 minutes from Oak Harbor)

Good luck to you!


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