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Hi, I would to get more information from current or past graduates of the online RN program offered at University of Texas at Arlington. Any good/bad experiences from this program? Thank you!

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Mostly good. The program is very doable while working full time. It took me 2.5 years but I could have done it in 1.5 if I hadn't traveled. Honestly, most difficult classes were non-nursing: statistics and history II. Take those elsewhere if you haven't already. If you ask specific questions I can give you more specific answers.

I graduate from this program in a week so my answers are pretty fresh.

Hi, I appreciate your response. We're you a student at UTA prior to applying to the program? I'm in San Antonio and consider applying, I've taken most of the pre-reqs however, there are 3 nursing courses you have to take at UTA. Did you take those courses prior to applying or waited till you were accepted?

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I'm currently in the program, about halfway through. So far, I've found it very doable. It's a lot of busy work, but I have doubled up on classes and worked full time and I have a 3.8 GPA. It's just managing your time well and staying on top of due dates. I would recommend it to anyone.

I was able to do it in one year...but UTA accepted one class from another BSN program that I had taken.

My only advice is do NOT take any of the history classes or Texas politics classes through UTA. They are absolutely terrible. Take at a community college or CLEP out if you can.

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Honestly it was a very boring program that focused on a lot of busywork, but I finished it and got my degree and kept a good GPA.

I completed the RN to BSN program in spring 2017, and am finishing up the last part of my MSN which will be DONE by October. I took a very heavy course load during my BSN, worked full time, and handled a natural disaster including the evacuation of my entire facility not once but twice during the wine country fires last fall. I was enrolled in classes at that time, and since we were literally displaced and under fire in my area for 3 weeks, I couldn't finish that course. However, the entire faculty of the CON at UTA was instrumental in helping me roll back into that class during the next session and very supportive during the most difficult time of my life, both personally and professionally.

I have nothing but positive things to say about this University, EXCEPT, I completely agree with the opinion of the history classes. Do whatever it takes, but do NOT take history there. It was ridiculous. I even went to the History department with my paper that was marked incorrect; apparently their position is that that slavery did not impact the race relations in regard to the Civil War. I know I am from California, but COME ON!! Whatever, I took the C in that class. Still finished with honors and on the Deans list when I graduated.

Besides that though, I carried a FT course load for my undergrad, taking sometimes 12 units per semester. However, I wouldn't recommend doing that in grad school Those classes are intense and no joke. That being said, you will do great. Keep in touch with your academic coach, they are all very invested in your success and will do all they can to help you reach your goal.

Good luck to you and best wishes!

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